About the owner

I still recall the days that I would wake up to the smell of my Mother baking wafting throughout the house. 
Her love of the kitchen and to make people happy was such an inspiration to me. 
I knew instantly that this is what I wanted to do in life.
I made it my ambition to follow this dream. I was lucky enough to study abroad in New Zealand,
USA and France learning the art of Hospitality – only to come back to my home city of Jakarta and decide
 I want to focus only on my one real passion – cakes!  
I ate my way through many cafes in Indonesia testing the completion.
I wanted more, I was hungry to succeed. I attended numerous classes, internet research and a husband that enjoyed testing eventually perfecting many recipes.
Shortly after this I opened an online cake shop in Jakarta called Cake Empire and things grew from there.
Fast forward to today I am lucky enough to now open Scrummy Café and Bakery in Bali. 
Wedding Cakes is something that I have loved from the beginning.
This is truly the happiest day in your life and you need someone who understands true love,
 passion and hard work to ensure that everything is perfect. My style is focused, simple, delicious and elegant.
Many chefs would never reveal their secret ingredient; However, I will give you a little hint…
“The secret ingredient is always love”.

We use the best

We use the best products deliverd by local vendors. We keep trying to increase our product range to you have more to experience from. We do our best to deliver you the most fresh products right from Bali. 

We coorporate witl local vendors so we can keep a fresh line of supply going. This means the food that will end up on your plate will be the best we can serve.

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